About The Site

This site is named from a combined first names of me and my husband – Sheila & Ivanel.

I am the one who’s managing shevan.net. I am a long-time entrepreneur and an affiliate of some online retail businesses in the world.

The products you’ll see in this website are either on-hand or linked to another seller’s site.

As a participant in affiliate programs, I earn advertising fees by linking to their products. The prices are the same to you, but I will receive a small commission if you use my links.

Sellers here are proven reliable and personally chosen. In case you need my help in your purchases from the other shop, please drop me a message and I’ll be very much happy to assist you.

I also help business owners out there in accepting online payments from their clients whenever needed. No start-up fees, only transaction-based. How does it work? Read everything from here.

Let me know if you have other concerns. You can reach me out directly through my email or social media accounts (Facebook or Instagram).

Thank you and enjoy!


💞 xoxo

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