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Introducing the best underarm whitening and smoothening deodorant I’ve ever known!

Mamala Virgin Deo in a Tube (version 3.0)

This is a product from Thailand. I love this cream, it really does its magical work in 14 days, not totally yet but it already shows visible signs of improvement.

This is how the cream looks like:

It is being applied twice a day and it doesn’t give you a sticky feeling all day. It smells good and the scent is very mild. I am very sensitive to smell that strong ones could give me headache, and this cream doesn’t really give me such.

Here’s some more informations you need to know:

Mamala Virgin Deo is FDA approved in both Thailand and the Philippines (PH FDA NN1000003644747) and is known to be safe for pregnant and breastfeeding moms as it doesn’t have hydroquinone in it. But, still we discourage pregnant women from using it because the cream might not work due to the hormonal changes happening during pregnancy which normally discolors underarms. Aside from that, we need to protect our product and our names from being blamed when misfortunes arise in pregnancies.

See below for the complete ingredients:

But, just a reminder, as with any other products in the market, this is not for everyone. Although it says hypoallergenic, some skin types still react from it, even if they are negatively allergic from the initial patch test.

Take a photo of your underarms first before starting so you will see the improvement more clearly after sometime. Here’s mine:

My next goal: Laser Hair Removal

The working timespan of the product depends on the user’s skin and frequency of the application. If you don’t do it religiously, then please do not expect for good results. Honestly, being a full-time mom, I tend to skip it sometimes, so maybe this is one factor why it took so long for me to achieve the goal.

For now, I still need to do more applications. The cream should be applied on a clean and dry UA religiously and patiently. Avoid products with alcohol content and avoid using commercial deodorants. Exfoliate your underarms at least once a week (like VCO + coco sugar or sea salt). For me, I am just using a turmeric soap and a facial brush. You can message me if you are also interested with the soap I’m using.

I know everyone is worried about getting their underarms dark again when the product is being stopped. No, there will be no withdrawal reactions and everyone can stop it whenever the whitening goal is achieved. Just avoid deodorants with alcohol content (tawas is the safest one to use).


So, from this amazing experience, I am fully proud and confident in promoting and selling this product. This is really exceptional and a must-try underarm cream.

Special Instruction Before Starting Off:

For those who used the old formula or any other underarm products, please have your underarms exfoliated at least once a week, keep them clean and free from any of your  commercial UA products for 7-14 days (tawas is fine).

If you have more queries and concerns, contact me through my Facebook Page Shop or email at

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    • Hi Ella.. I ship internationally.. I’ve been sending products to USA already, but not tried to Hawaii specifically.. It takes 10-25 days to reach USA.. I guarantee money-back po if shipment fails..


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